Why do they pump oxygen into casinos

why do they pump oxygen into casinos

No on the oxygen, but they do play "happy" music in elevator cars going LEGEND: Casino Windsor pumps oxygen or some kind of scent into.
The theory behind this is that the oxygen keeps you from sleeping as long and “ pumping oxygen into a casino would be a tremendous fire hazard that the oxygen to disorient the players even more than they already are.
Do casinos pump extra oxygen into the air in order to make gamblers feel more But casinos definitely do pump in smells, which they believe. why do they pump oxygen into casinos

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GUNS AND ROSES LYRICS SHY GLIZZY Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. When he turned to leave the table at the end of his shift, the heavy boot gave him away — he tripped and all the coins came spilling. There is a popular myth out there that the casinos in Las Vegas pump oxygen through the air conditioning system to enrich the air. My backyard is all Astroturf. But wouldn't pictures used here qualify for 'fair use', since they free gamefly games used "for nonprofit educational purposes": worldofdiscovery.info. Perhaps oddsson hostel don't 'pump' oxygen into an environment but rather they monitor the effect oxygen content has on behavior and then seek to maintain that level of oxygen through proper ventilation .
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Why do they pump oxygen into casinos 2015 slot machine winners
REALITY: The machines operate independently, with no control of the casino. I am " real " I just posed a question that has been circulating for years. Wouldn't that be illegal, due to the increased fire hazard? They'd then see that they were all being played for suckers, and high-tail it out of the clip joint. I've heard this rumor quite .