Summertime one word or two

summertime one word or two

If it's not in the AP Stylebook, dictionary or here, it's two words. as a noun or Verb, hyphenated as adjective. A able-bodied .. nonsensical no one. 0 oceangoing oddsmaker off-Broadway off-color off-duty offhand . summertime sundress.
The word summertime (like springtime) is a compound word, and the two - word form summer time may mean something completely different -- when capitalized.
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I'm apprised that buses are few here I'm appraised that buses are few here Which of the following is correct? Examples: summertime in a sentence. Learn More about summertime. The word wasn't originally about size. Not all redundancies are created equal. Though you will find a scattering of these missing words on the net e. Also, it also depends on your age and when you began fasting.