Game of craps c

game of craps c

I'm doing a learning task for my C programming course, I've been . Rolling two six sided dice doesn't generate an evenly weighted probability.
Hi everyone! I have a problem with a program - game of craps. The game plays with 2 dice. On the first Craps game in C.
I have to do a program for my language C course in university but I have some problems I have to do a program on the game of craps. I.

Game of craps c - basketball clipart

Moddable, Multiplayer Roguelike Isleward Open Sourced. This program simulates the roll of two dice by using a random number function. Any other roll called the "point". For Beginners Forum FAQs please read before posting. By Sickmind in forum Projects and Job Recruitment. You can feel free to add new information, but please don't replace what was there to begin with.
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